SSC CGL Antonyms PDF Download (1997-2017)

SSC CGL Antonyms PDF Download (1997-2017)


 SSC CGL Antonyms PDF Download (1997-2017)


SSC CGL Antonyms PDF

hello Everyone, आपके लिए एक बहुत important PDF लेकर आये है |इस PDFका नाम है SSC CGL Antonyms PDF |इस PDFमें आपको  SSC CGL Antonyms PDF में मिलेगे |ये सभी question previos papers से compile किये गए है ये SSC CGL Antonyms आपको PDF के Format में दी जा रही है ये SSC CGL Antonyms PDF सभी Student लिये अच्छी रहेगी जो SSc Cgl , SSc CHSl ,Scc Mts , and all competition की तयारी कर रहे है इस SSC CGL Antonyms PDF से आप अपनी Practice अच्छी तरह से कर सकते हो | तथा इस PDFमें आपको अच्छी तरह से answer को explain किया हुआ है SSC CGL Antonyms की PDF को download करने के लिए निचे दिए गए link पर click करना

ये PDF किस किस Exam के लिए उपयोगी होगी इसके बारे हमने आपको कुछ Exam के नाम बताये है

SSC Graduate Level Exams –

Tier I: Preliminary
Tier II: Mains Exam

SSC Combined Matric level Exams-

ALl type GD ,constable ,multitasking

Ssc CHSL 12+2 Level exam 

SSC Graduate Level Exams— Combined Graduate Level Prel. Exam, CPO Sub-Inspector, Section Officer (Audit), Tax Assiatant (Income Tax & Central Excise), Section Officer (Commercial Audit), Statistical Investigators, Combined Graduate Level Tier-I & II, SAS, CISF ASI, CPO ASI & Intelligence officer, FCI, Delhi Police SI etc. Exams. SSC 10+2 Level Exams— Data Entry Operator & LDC, Stenographer Grade ‘C’ & ‘D’ etc. SSC Combined Matric level Exams — Combined Matric Level Pre-Exam, Multitasking (Non-Technical) Staff, CISF Constable (GD), Constable (GD) & Riflemen (GD) and Other Competitive Exams.

Antonyms PDF

SO(AUDIT), 1997
1. HARMONY – the state of being in agreement or concord – STRIFE
2. FETTER – restrain with chains or manacles, typically around the ankles- LIBERATE
3. PARSIMONIOUS – very unwilling to spend money or use resources – EXTRAAVAGANT
4. DENSE – closely compacted in substance – SPARSE
5. OSTRACISE – exclude from a society or group – WELCOME
6. LAMENT – a passionate expression of grief or sorrow / a complaint – REJOICE
7. MUTILATE – inflict a violent and disfiguring injury on – MEND
8. RELUCTANTLY – with hesitation, doubt or dread – WILLINGLY
9. MYTH – a widely held but false belief or idea – FACT
10. CONCILIATION – the action of stopping someone being angry / placation – CONFRONTATION
SO(AUDIT), 2003
11. AFFLUENT -having a great deal of money (especially of a group or area) / wealthy -POOR
12. ERUDITE -having or showing great knowledge or learning – UNSCHOLARLY
13. COAX -persuade (someone) gradually or gently to do something – DISSUADE
14. ALTERCATION – a noisy argument or disagreement, especially in public – COMPROMISE
15. ANIMOSITY – strong hostility -LOVE
16. RATIFICATION – official way to confirm something, usually by vote – DISAPPROVAL
17. ROUGH – having an uneven or irregular surface / not smooth or level – SMOOTH
18. IMPERTINENT – not showing proper respect / rude – RESPECTFUL
19. FALLIABLE – capable of making mistakes or being wrong – UNERRING
20. PAROCHIAL – having a limited or narrow outlook or scope – GLOBAL
SO(AUDIT), 2005
21. AUTONOMY- freedom from external control or influence / independence – DEPENDENCE
22. AFFIRM -accept or confirm the validity of (a judgement or agreement); ratify – REFUSE
23. CONFORMITY – compliance with standards, rules, or laws – DEVIATION
24. CRITICISE – indicate the faults of (someone or something) in a disapproving way – COMMEND
25. FACILITATE – make (an action or process) easy or easier – HINDER
26. CULPABLE – deserving blame – BLAMELESS
27. NADIR – the lowest or most unsuccessful point in a situation – ZENITH


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